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Production Control Software – ProgressPlus

ProgressPlus Production Control Software is quick to install and very easy to use, it is ideal for small to medium scale production – bespoke, batch or short-run.

It is so easy to use because we have redesigned and redeveloped the software three times over a 20 year period to keep it in line with the latest technology and how manufacturers actually use the product.

ProgressPlus Production Control Software brings you all the benefits you would expect from a system based on our experience and the specific requirements of over 3,750 users.

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Some of our customers

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What our customers said...
Williams & Co.
ProgressPlus has made a huge impact on our business - our turnover has increased by 40% and our profits are up by 60%.
Ritherdon & Co
ProgressPlus has improved our efficiency and enabled us to deal with our customers more effectively.
Electron Beam Processes
ProgressPlus has helped us improve our costing processes and reduce our stock levels.
Craven & Co.
Our business is now more efficient, we are more focused and have saved money. ProgressPlus has paid for itself multiple times over. The software enables us to react quickly to queries and efficiency levels have increased as we are no longer double keying.
Barnshaws Steel Bending
ProgressPlus has dramatically reduced the time we spend on administration
Concept Metal Products
The speed of information retrieval is on a scale that is simply impossible with any manual system and enables staff to run the business more effectively.
The BSI accreditation auditor commented that ProgressPlus was the best system of its type he had ever seen.
Whiteghyl Plastics
ProgressPlus has given us better visibility into our entire business, which has allowed us to improve our on time delivery, reduce stock levels and assess and improve profitability.
Metrol Springs
Berkeley Myles Solutions is fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone. I am really impressed. What I am particularly impressed with is the flexibility, attitude and willingness to try everything to tailor the system to suit our specific requirements.
Dacol Engineering
There are huge savings in labour as we can access information at the click of a mouse button and no longer need to search filing cabinets for paperwork.
Penta Precision
Since purchasing ProgressPlus we have trebled our turnover and quadruped our staff and ProgressPlus helped us grow. I know I made the right decision and nobody could uproot the software.
ProgressPlus has enabled us to increase our turnover and improve the operational efficiency of our staff.
PE Composites
We have benefited from improved stock control, traceability is spot on and overall the company has better control of business processes.
CNC Direct Engineering
Our customers now perceive us as an extremely professional organisation.
Andy HarveyAndy HarveyAerotech
ProgressPlus is the heartbeat of the business! Thanks to the ease of use and system flexibility information flows very freely around the business and every detail of history is at the users fingertips.
Cambridge Precision
ProgressPlus has helped us improve our on-time delivery to 95%
Hymid Multi-Shot
ProgressPlus has revolutionised the culture within the business and has acted as a catalyst for positive change management.

Production Control Software

ProgressPlus is business and production control software with the power and flexibility to meet your manufacturing requirements.

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