It’s Easy to Change your Production Control Software

Progress Plus LogoChanging your production control software can be done quickly and easily, according to Berkeley Myles managing director Tony MacBride.

The Glasgow-based IT specialist has developed ProgressPlus software which enables manufacturing companies to streamline, automate and integrate the management and control of both shop floor production and administrative processes.

The managing director says that many manufacturing bosses believe changing their system will initially have a negative impact on their business supply commitments and it will be many months before the return on investment is achieved.

However he insists you can make the switch and begin realising the significant operational benefits in the space of a few weeks.
“One of the major concerns for someone when considering the ProgressPlus system is that changing over will cause upheaval in their business,” he said.
“However we have the ability to transfer data and configure existing layouts for quotes, purchase orders, job cards, invoicing etc.; reducing any work involved in the switch to the absolute minimum.

“The software is easy to use, requires little training and you can make the change and begin to realise the efficiency improvements and significant returns in a very short timescale.”
More than 1250 users throughout the UK and Ireland are benefiting from ProgressPlus which manages all aspects of process control including sales, manufacturing, stock control, despatch, and invoicing.
Key features of the system include its flexibility, robustness, ease of use and its ability to provide full traceability throughout the lifecycle of the production process.

A number of users have claimed that ProgressPlus has helped them to dramatically improve their reporting methods and become fully-compliant with industry quality standards.
BurcasBirmingham-based Burcas claims the software has been a vital component in helping the business expand into new market sectors.

Quality manager Martyn Fearn said: “As the company expanded into new markets we became acutely aware that we had to invest in production control software that would allow us to continue to grow and remain competitive in the long-term,” he said.
“We looked at several systems but ProgressPlus was the obvious choice due to its flexibility, robustness and ease of use.”

Durham Precision EngineeringDurham Precision Engineering has also seen significant operational improvements since adopting ProgressPlus in 2005.
Managing director Kevin McEneny said: “I have been extremely impressed by the operational efficiency that ProgressPlus brings to the business and it is certainly one of the best packages that I have come across with an excellent front end and user interface.
“The system has improved all of our process and gives full traceability from enquiry right through to product delivery.”

Tony MacBride of Berkeley Myles adds that effective production control software can help improve efficiency and also drive new sales.

“The key to securing new business is demonstrating that you have a robust system with responsive reporting capability that measures quality standards and provides full traceability,” he said.
“Having such a system in place raises credibility and demonstrates to potential partners that you are serious business that shares common quality standards.”

“It is also a significant differentiator from your competitors and can be the difference between winning and losing crucial business.”

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