Growing Energy Engineering Specialist Interviewed On Use Of ProgressPlus

Glacier Energy ServicesGlacier Energy Services was formed in 2011, with the acquisition of Roberts Pipeline Machining and Wellclad from MB Aerospace in a management buyout. Glacier Energy Services provides bespoke, engineered solutions to the global energy sector, working on behalf of operators and service companies. Glacier Energy Services has achieved significant, rapid growth. Due to this growth they needed a robust system in place to handle their production control. After a thorough selection procedure of production control software, Glacier Energy Services chose ProgressPlus. Barry Collins, ERP Manager of Glacier Energy Services speaks about their use of ProgressPlus and his experience with Berkeley Myles Solutions.

Tell us about your use of ProgressPlus?

“We use ProgressPlus to handle various manufacturing services and products and are currently implementing across 5 business units with 3 already being fully live. The product works well for us enforcing process control and our discipline in use is giving us much better outputs in a fraction of the time, helping us make informed business decisions in real time.”

Is there added benefit being located near Berkeley Myles Solutions?

Glacier“The geography of our vendor had an impact on our choice of product. We take use of the opportunity to visit Berkeley Myles Solutions to discuss continuous development when required which is a much-preferred option. This allows us to work through any requests quickly and agree on the best solution both for our business and in terms of ease of implementation. We also are able to attend the seminars giving us a direct influence on future improvements. We find being part of the direct feedback gives us greater confidence that the system is moving down a path that supports our business needs.”

Are there any examples of Berkeley Myles Solutions going the extra mile?

“We are driven to make the production control system work for us and have had modifications made to ensure our process control is more robust. Dealing directly with the people who write the software means we have constructive conversations and feedback, working together to achieve the best outcomes. We have built up a good relationship with Berkeley Myles Solutions having been through this process many times. It also improves our understanding of the product gaining knowledge of how the system functions in the background as well as the interface. This means we know what changes are likely to work before we even approach Berkeley Myles Solutions.”

“Also, we are a fast paced business and sometimes this requires immediate changes. We have challenged Berkeley Myles Solutions several times to deliver a solution in a short window and been supported to do so. This has been critical to meet the needs of our clients and deliver first class service to them. Dealing direct is the best way to achieve this as we suffer no latency in working through a supply chain. The support team are flexible with requests and we are always directed to the topic experts for any required explanations for functionality.”