How To Win The Manufacturing World Cup

Is your manufacturing software coming home?

England may feel that the World Cup is coming home, but that doesn’t mean they can just rest on their laurels and expect to win. Continuous hard work, training, skill-building and practice are the only way to stay on top of the game.

The same holds true for your manufacturing software.

Getting the right system for your business may be your first win, but there are things you need to do – and your software system provider must do – in order to stay in the lead and make your manufacturing system a viable solution for the long term.

There are three areas you need to focus on with your system provider in order to keep moving forward if you are shopping for a new system.

Play by the Rules

Nobody likes watching a team not playing by the rules and the same holds true for your manufacturing control system.

  • Is your current software provider continually updating their functionality based on feedback from customers?
  • Are they improving the system to fit with your industry and meet your regulatory concerns?
  • Does the manufacturing software have a good reputation but a lot of functionality you can’t use?
  • Not all systems are for everyone. Paying attention to what manufacturing systems other successful companies in your industry are using can be helpful.

Systems that may look good on the outside may not include all the processes, workflows and data structure you need in order to stay compliant in your industry and within your business rules.

Ask specific questions related to your unique needs, enquire about client references and make sure you don’t get stuck with a shiny new manufacturing control system that doesn’t fit with your business needs.

Build the Right Team

Having the best team, management and resources will mean you have a better chance at winning the World Cup. Having the right people and systems will help you win in your manufacturing business.

As your business grows, so too will your investments in infrastructure and technology.

Maybe you have a legacy in-house system to handle your production control but it is not fit for your growth.

Whatever your business goals are for the next 3-5 years, plan ahead and ensure you have the proper solution provider, modules and products in place to support the full potential during each phase of your growth.

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Just because your national football team wins the first few games doesn’t mean they will win the World Cup!

In your business, just because you had a good implementation doesn’t mean you business stops progressing.  Keep using your system and it will give you more out.

A good software implementation will have the ultimate goal of helping optimise your business processes for a solid return on investment (ROI).


Berkeley Myles Solutions will work with you to identify operational inefficiencies and help you get on the right path with industry best practices and ongoing training and support. Any successful relationship relies on open communication. Look for a partner who proactively offers solutions or workarounds to your issues and who doesn’t close the door when the implementation is complete.

The implementation of a manufacturing control system, like ProgressPlus, is really only the first step to optimising your business processes. With the right training and focus, your business can realise benefits like streamlined operations, improved communications and more efficient workflows that free up your staff to identify and take advantage of new opportunities.

Don’t let your software rest and become a “has-been.” With the right focus and commitment to success, you too will be at the top of your game, for a long time to come.

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