Integrated CRM Software helps Manufacturers Improve Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency

Berkeley Myles Solutions, today announced a significant enhancement to its business control software for manufacturers, which adds comprehensive and integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality to the existing powerful business control capability of the software. The CRM functionality in ProgressPlus helps manufacturing companies dramatically improve the way they interact and communicate with their customers and suppliers, helping to increase customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiency.

ProgressPlus facilitates easy and effective communication with individual customers and suppliers, as quotes and orders, invoices, emails, letters, faxes and notes from telephone conversations, are now stored in a single location. This ensures that everyone in the company has immediate and easy access to the most current information about each customer or supplier, complementing the detailed production information already available in the system.

The CRM database in ProgressPlus has a comprehensive set of utilities to allow quick importing and exporting of customer information and activities. For example, with ProgressPlus, companies can create or import a list of new prospects and quickly create an email sales campaign. All of the subsequent customer interactions are tracked in ProgressPlus, allowing detailed analysis about the success of the campaign.

The powerful reporting capabilities in ProgressPlus can be used to create reports that help companies understand customer performance and behaviour over a period of time, so that companies can identify their most valuable and profitable customers and those that could be a drain on resources.

“Our customers have told us that business is becoming increasingly competitive and that they need to be smarter in the way the deal with customers and suppliers,” said Tony MacBride, managing director of Berkeley Myles Solutions. “ProgressPlus is the only production control software that contains fully integrated CRM functionality, allowing manufacturers to have an accurate view of all activities with their customers and suppliers and integrating this valuable information across all the areas in their business. We believe that this can help companies become more competitive and drive additional business growth, revenues and profits.”

Pricing and Availability

ProgressPlus is available now, and all existing Progress customers will receive this new version automatically at no additional cost. ProgressPlus pricing depends on individual customer requirements and configuration.