Most New Sales In the History of the Company

Berkeley Myles Solutions saw its highest monthly new sales ever in July.

The company monitor their business statistics regularly and got a boost from the increasing amount of change in the industry.

Tony MacBride said:

“The customers that purchased from us in July were all looking for a change from the legacy manufacturing systems they were using. The problem is these systems become old and outdated not offering the features that the customers need, giving them no other option to look elsewhere. What people realise quickly after a demo is the software is so easy to use. It requires little training and you can change to ProgressPlus and begin to realise the efficiency improvements and significant returns in a very short timescale.”


Berkeley Myles Solutions welcomed 6 new customer sites. That’s more than double the average monthly new sales.

Berkeley Myles Solutions has noticed positive signs are that the manufacturing industry is still booming even with the uncertainty of Brexit and changes in the government.