ProgressPlus is for life not just for Christmas


Over 30 years, Norco has established itself as a leading developer of innovative GRP mouldings and lightweight composite structures. As the business evolved and grew so did their use of business systems.


The company was established to manufacture boats but due to the recession they had to diversify and expanded into composites and GRP structures.

At this time, Norco was using an Excel spreadsheet to manage their production. This was very time consuming and a lot of mistakes were occurring.

As it was an Excel spreadsheet, only one person could update the sheet at a time. Andy Watkins, Purchasing Manager at Norco said:

“Using Excel was a manual and slow process. I would have to complete my list on a Wednesday save and update, then my colleague would complete his list on Thursday and on Friday we would get the work-to-list.”

As the company grew their current way of doing things was no longer feasible.


Norco wanted a flexible system that would help them to grow and could be customised to fit their needs.

When you buy from Berkeley Myles Solutions it is not a transactional relationship. There are many software companies that sell their product, give you some training and never get in touch with you again. With Berkeley Myles Solutions their success is built on that of their clients.

Norco has been a Berkeley Myles Solutions Customer for over 10 years. Since selecting ProgressPlus it has helped Norco with expansion:

  • Norco has increased staff by 150%
  • Users of ProgressPlus have increased by 400%

Andy Watkins said:

“We love that that Berkeley Myles Solutions have given us the exact same spectacular support from day 1 to over 10 years later. As we have grown, we have also grown in our use of ProgressPlus.

The Training and Support manager, Colin Henderson, has visited us many times to give us training on different aspects of the system so we could get a good understanding of ProgressPlus at our pace of change.  When we started we wanted a basic install then over the years, as we grew, we added other functions and features:

  • In 2007, our first phase was to run production on ProgressPlus to get build and work-to-lists
  • A few years later Berkeley Myles Solutions helped us with the second phase which was to add purchasing
  • Then we got training for the third phase – to use ProgressPlus for quality management and invoicing

ProgressPlus is used across the business from the managing director to the shop-floor and helps the company be more proactive:

  • Issuing Bill of Materials (BOMs)

  • Creating BOMs and works orders

  • Accurately costing jobs and ordering the right amount of stock”

Now Norco is saving massive amounts of time across the entire business. Andy continued:

“When using the Excel spreadsheet we had major time constraints as only one person could use it at a time. Now we have multiple users working on the system entering information live and in real-time. Before it would take an age to print job cards or see your work-to list. Today, you press a button and you get what you want instantly.”


ProgressPlus has everything you want it to do.  All the different departments can be working on the system at the same time helping us see live stock and costs.

Andy Watkins said:

“We are benefiting from major time savings and less paper being used. Working with Berkeley Myles Solutions feels like an extension of our business as they offer a platform and support to allow you to build and grow as a business.”

“Progress is key to our growth and expansion and we couldn’t live without it.  Also, as a company, Berkeley Myles Solutions is very good. The seminars are excellent as it gives the companies an opportunity to get together and discuss how Progress is working for them. We can learn new things and give feedback. Everyone in support has been fantastic from Colin training us and the support team assisting us with any questions or queries”