Ten Years of Progress

This year Berkeley Myles Solutions Ltd, will celebrate ten years in business. A decade of steady progress will see 2006 as the year when the company doubles its headcount, doubles its 2004 turnover and moves to new premises.

The company designs and sells software solutions for production control to companies in the manufacturing sector. The core product, called Progress, has been designed by engineers with extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes. The key benefits of the product are improved speed and efficiency in the production and administration processes, reduction of waste leading to lower levels of inventory, better control of labour, equipment utilisation, wastage and quality, improved delivery performance and increased customer satisfaction. All of which results in increased profitability for Progress users.

Progress was launched in 2002 and the company decided to offer existing customers the new software suite at a significantly reduced price. More than 50 customers took up the offer and these referral sites became the launch pad for the product.

Tony MacBride, Managing Director of Berkeley Myles Solutions Limited said: “Over the last ten years we have built a dedicated team, a strong financial position and an excellent product in Progress.”

“This year we will create around 10 jobs in software development, sales and support which will double our headcount to 20 and our goal is to increase the number of users of Progress from 700 at the moment to 2008 by the end of 2008.”

“The team know this will be a challenge but it is one they are all up for and the positive feedback from customers gives me confidence that we can achieve the target and become the market leader in the UK.”

PCMLOne of Berkeley Myles Solutions key customers is Precise Component Manufacture Limited (PCML) based in March near Cambridge. PCML are contract manufacturers of complex, precision-engineering components for UK customers in high technology growth sectors and have enjoyed tremendous growth during its five years in business.

When starting the business in 2000, the directors had a great deal of knowledge and experience of production control systems and Kevin Miller, Technical Director at PCML said: “We selected Progress and as one of the original users of the system we have worked very closely with Berkeley Myles Solutions as a partner in the development of Progress to fit our specific company and sector needs. We are extremely pleased with Progress and I believe this partnership has benefited both organisations immensely.”

Gavin Goates, Commercial Director of PCML added: “The total satisfaction of our customer is our primary goal and to this end we have adopted a corporate strategy of continuous improvement. Significant investment in a new management and production information system, such as Progress, was all part of this strategy.”

“PCML has benefited from investing in Progress in many measurable ways including; reductions in fixed overhead costs and increases in shop floor/production efficiency.”