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Berkeley Myles Solutions

officeBerkeley Myles Solutions Ltd has many years experience in designing and implementing a manufacturing platform that is revolutionising the way businesses operate.

Many companies throughout the UK now depend on our solutions to streamline, automate and integrate the management and control of their shop floor production and administrative processes.

The team at Berkeley Myles Solutions keep up with all the latest trends and developments so are able to offer our customers the perfect experience as well as an excellent understanding of key issues and customer needs across a range of market sectors.

Our flagship software product, ProgressPlus, brings together all our technical skills and business experience into one integrated whole, providing our clients with a robust and reliable solution, capable of achieving exceptional results.

As well as staff based at our head office, we also have a base in the North of England and the Midlands giving UK-wide coverage. This enables us to handle sales enquiries efficiently giving our customers the option of an online demonstration or arranging a visit to their site by the local representative.

Culture and Philosophy

selfieWalk around our office and you will see lots of intriguing things:

  • A boardroom table that is a pool table
  • A dartboard
  • Staff wearing what they want
  • Lots of bikes from the people who cycle to work everyday.
  • Co-workers talking passionately about how to improve our production control system
  • Only if there was a fridge stocked with beer and snacks

We believe that manufacturing software is drastically changing for the better and ours is working to help businesses navigate that change. We believe that software should give you exactly what you need and that software can be both easy to use and powerful.

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