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ProgressPlus – Essential as a Right Arm

Sally Woodman of DLI Engineering Ltd., a specialist CNC firm serving the oil, gas, and aerospace sectors, likens the ProgressPlus system to a right arm – essential and irreplaceable. “Taking ProgressPlus away would be like taking your right arm off,” she states, underscoring the system’s vital role in their operations.

Traceability and Accessibility: Core Benefits

The conversation with Sally highlighted ProgressPlus’s exceptional traceability and accessibility. “We have full visibility and transparency of everything,” Sally explains. The system allows for comprehensive tracking of certifications, customer POs, and links all related documents, ensuring high traceability, especially beneficial during audits. For DLI Engineering, this meant total control over their business processes. “With ProgressPlus, we know exactly where everything is. It’s like having a digital ledger of our entire operation,” Sally shared. This level of detail has been instrumental in boosting customer confidence.

Efficiency and Smart Working: A New Paradigm 

ProgressPlus has notably improved efficiency at DLI Engineering Ltd. Sally Woodman highlights its impact, “It’s made us administratively more efficient by enabling quick access to necessary data and order statuses, thus streamlining our operations and allowing staff to work smarter.” She further explains the system’s transformative effect, “The ability to drill down into order statuses and other necessary data has changed our approach to handling orders.” 

Tony MacBride, the Managing Director of Berkeley Myles Solutions, adds his perspective, “It’s about doing things right in a simple, thorough way.” This philosophy has led to enhanced efficiency on DLI Engineering’s shop floor and a reduction in scrap instances.

Partnership and Support: The Berkeley Myles Solutions Edge

Sally praises the partnership with Berkeley Myles Solutions and the support provided. “The support team is excellent, 10 out of 10,” she remarks. This partnership, based on continuous feedback and improvement, showcases the responsive nature of Berkeley Myles Solutions to their clients’ needs.

Customer Confidence and Control: The Intangible Gains

The efficiency and reliability of ProgressPlus have significantly boosted customer confidence. Sally adds, “Our customers are impressed with our professionalism.” The system also gives the company total control over their operations, enhancing their ability to deliver quality service.

Simplicity and Continuous Improvement: The Business Philosophy

ProgressPlus stands out for its straightforward and user-friendly design. Sally notes its ease of use, emphasising that its simplicity is one of its greatest strengths. “The system is inherently simple to use, and any complications usually arise from incorrect usage, not from the system itself,” she explains. This underscores the importance of proper training and usage to fully leverage ProgressPlus’s capabilities. 

Additionally, Sally highlights “the ongoing process of continuous improvement, is a key aspect of their relationship with Berkeley Myles Solutions, driven by valuable user feedback and collaboration.”

Additional Insight from Tony MacBride, Managing Director of Berkeley Myles Solutions:

In the context of the case study, Tony MacBride offers valuable insights that further illuminate the ethos and impact of ProgressPlus. 

He states, “How Can We Do the Job Right? This is the question we always ask ourselves. At Berkeley Myles Solutions, we understand that ProgressPlus needs to do the fundamentals well. Our team has extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ manufacturing needs. 

Berkeley Myles Solutions adopts an “under-promise and over-deliver” philosophy, often surprising clients with their exceptional performance. Tony said “We focus on practical, fundamental solutions, consistently delivering beyond expectations. Our approach is straightforward yet effective, providing services that are not just practical but also exceed customer expectations in simplicity and efficiency.”

Tony continued: “Our primary aim is always to do a better job for our customers. ProgressPlus is designed to enable them to do things the right way – with total control and a focus on continuous improvement. It’s not just a business system; it’s a means for our customers to use as a selling point, showcasing features that work effectively for their needs.”

Conclusion: A Testament to Practicality and Dependability

In conclusion, ProgressPlus stands as a pillar of practicality and reliability in the oil and gas and aerospace sector. As Sally puts it, “It’s a pleasure to work with a system and people that are so great.” This case study demonstrates how essential and deeply integrated ProgressPlus has become in the day-to-day operations of Sally’s company, embodying a perfect blend of technology and practical application.