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Maximise Efficiency with ProgressPlus

ProgressPlus combines tried and tested processes and innovative design to support all areas of your business to maximise efficiency whilst reducing production time and costs.

Production Management Software for Manufacturing Companies

ProgressPlus delivers exactly what your business needs – fast and accurate information that lets you track, manage and develop every aspect of your manufacturing journey. It is an effective production management solution that provides end-to-end visibility of all your production processes to give you total traceability.

Our strong technical background and customer-first mindset have helped us create a powerful and flexible production control system. ProgressPlus is specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies involved in batch, short-run or one-off production. It is quick and easy to use with fast integration capabilities with leading applications like Sage and Xero.

From delivery recording to quality management to producing invoices and credit notes, ProgressPlus provides a straightforward platform where you can access all your production processes, including:


Sales Orders

Works Orders

Purchase Orders

Job Costing

Time and Attendance

Inventory and Stock Control

Delivery Recording

Invoicing and Credit Notes


Shop Floor Loading/SFDC


Why Choose ProgressPlus?

Get total control of your business and manufacturing procedures

Take control over all aspects of your business

Centralise company–wide monitoring

Complete and accurate traceability

Assisting strategic decision-making

Maximising speed and efficiency of staff

Improving stock monitoring and management

Respond effectively to customer demand

Reduce inefficient ordering and wastage

Improve efficiency and profitability

Improve customer satisfaction

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