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How ProgressPlus Empowered Staff and Improved Operational Efficiency at ESL Engineers

In an industry where operational efficiency is paramount, ESL Engineers has taken a significant step forward with the adoption of ProgressPlus. This journey has not only streamlined their processes but has also empowered their staff, leading to a more robust and efficient operation.

The Challenge

ESL Engineers, has three diverse companies with a wide product range, faced growth challenges by the limitations of using Microsoft Access and Excel for operations. These tools were proving inadequate for managing the complexity and scale of their business operations, leading to inefficiencies and potential risks, particularly with the reliance on directors as single points of failure.

The Solution: Choosing Progress Plus

In search of a more effective system, ESL Engineers evaluated several options, including Fitfactory, but ultimately chose Progress Plus for its cost-effectiveness and adaptability. The implementation of Progress Plus came at a challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, the system became fully operational within six months, a testament to its efficiency and the company’s resilience.

Operational Excellence Through Integration

The adoption of ProgressPlus has led to the seamless integration of processes from sales to manufacturing. This integration has enhanced traceability and ensured quick access to vital information, earning praise from auditors for its efficiency. The comprehensive solution has significantly reduced previous bottlenecks and improved operational reliability.

Empowerment and Accountability

One of the most significant impacts of Progress Plus has been the empowerment of staff across all levels. By distributing responsibilities and accountability, the system has facilitated a culture of efficiency and reduced the dependency on directors, mitigating risks and enhancing the company’s operational reliability.

Reporting and Compliance

Progress Plus has revolutionised ESL Engineers‘ approach to reporting and compliance. With 90% of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) derived directly from the system, managing reports and achieving targets like On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) deliveries has become more streamlined. This efficiency has also contributed to the attainment of AS 9100 accreditation, a proud achievement for the company.

The Support and Future Outlook

The support from the Progress Plus team has been exemplary, playing a crucial role in the smooth implementation and operation of the system. As ESL Engineers look to the future, the success of Progress Plus stands as a cornerstone of their operational strategy, enabling them to focus on growth and innovation with the confidence that their operations are in capable hands.


The journey of ESL Engineers with Progress Plus is a clear example of how the right technological solution can transform a company. By empowering staff, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring compliance, Progress Plus has enabled ESL Engineers to navigate challenges and emerge stronger. This story serves as an inspiration for other companies seeking to improve their operations and achieve excellence in their respective fields.