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A faster, simpler way to get your supplier and sales invoices flowing into Xero

Xero has come to the forefront as a cloud-based solution, and that helped to disrupt and revolutionise the accounting industry, but they needed (and still need) a lot more than that in order to stand out from their competitors and grow. Great marketing would fall flat on its face if the product is no good.

One of the reasons Xero is so popular with customers is the number of external integrations it has. For instance, Xero seamlessly integrates with thousands of banks in the countries it operates to bring in data in real-time. They also focused on building integrations with other software companies so that relevant data can be shared securely, automating processes and saving businesses time.

This shift outlines to us one of Xero’s biggest strengths: their commitment to putting the needs of the customer first, something that is key to Berkeley Myles Solutions as well.

With the growth of Xero, Berkeley Myles Solutions customers’ required a seamless link to Xero. We developed a faster, simpler way to get your supplier and sales invoices flowing from ProgressPlus into Xero.

Not all accounts links are the same. You could link to Xero by exporting a .csv file and importing it into Xero. However, there is a room for human error in this method and it requires additional manual input.

With ProgressPlus the link is seamless. With a press of a button, your information is automatically transferred into Xero.

The Xero and ProgressPlus integration automate the flow of external invoices into Xero, saving you time, eliminating manual data entry and increasing the accuracy of your business numbers.

ProgressPlus and Xero link will improve your business efficiency and also:

  • You will save time with less admin meaning you have more time for operational work
  • Payments are streamlined as invoices flow automatically into your Xero account, saving you the hassle of manual work.
  • Less room for error as there is no need for manual data entry and the errors that can come with it, saving you time and rework.

Contact us for a demo for ProgressPlus.