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A Safe Return To Work

Lockdown may be lifting but if you’re planning on putting a stop to social distancing between your company and new business sales, now is the time to act!

Safety Fabrications Go the Safe Way

That’s exactly what our latest client has chosen to do! Instead of using their newly found spare time to sit around twiddling their thumbs, Safety Fabrications put their business heads to work and implemented ProgressPlus. Opting to take their foot off the brake and drive their business towards a safer future.

By assessing their processes, understanding their needs and focussing on future opportunities, Safety Fabrications loosened their safety net and widened their scope for potential.

John Boyle from Safety Fabrications explained, “…it’s a fantastic opportunity. You can either look at the current situation and think it’s a problem…and it is undoubtably an enormous problem for the world. But we decided to look back at our business and think what challenge or opportunity we can tackle.”

What’s your excuse?

The natural instinct may be to ride the lockdown wave and hope for a smooth sailing back to work. But it’s this ‘cautious’ mentality that could lead to risky business.

If you are a smart business, you will have used this downtime as an opportunity to assess and react – preparing your business for a safe return to work! But for those not so smart companies who ignored the cracks, the pending return to work could be the sinking of their ships.

Taking a step back from all things COVID, every business has areas they would like to improve. With the excuse of time taken out of the equation – what is holding your business back from taking that step ahead of the rest?

Now is the time to take your head out of the sand and take back the control of your business’s future. Before you find yourself in some hot water, request a ProgressPlus demo!

3 Steps to a Safe Return to Work

Creating a successful business is one thing, maintaining it is the real test. Companies who will continue to grow during these difficult times are those who take the time to review their business from the inside and out.

It’s time to stop pulling your hair out and cut the risk from your pending return to work. Follow these 3 simple stages for a strategic and safe return to business.

1.     Review your systems

The key to reviewing your business is understanding what sets you apart and what is holding you back. Are you fed up of spending hours manually entering data or are you simply seeking site wide efficiency? There is an answer to your solution.

2.     Searching for Answers

Once you have identified the areas in which your business could improve, the next step is to find a solution.

You can either spend the rest of lockdown carrying out an endless stream of Google searches or take just an hour out of your day and request a ProgressPlus demo.

3.     Implementing Solutions

Once the green light has been given for ProgressPlus to get going, momentum doesn’t need to slow down until life after lockdown. By running short sharp video training sessions running across video conferencing tools such as ‘Zoom’ and ‘Microsoft Teams’. Berkeley Myles Solutions have continued to help clients take control of their business’s future.

There really is only two ways to look at this. You can either hit pause on your business development and go down with the sinking ships; or you can assess, react and set your business up for a safe return.

Be Smart, Act Now and stay steps ahead of the rest! Get a Progress Plus demo today.