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A System That Can Simplify Business is Anything But Basic

Striking the perfect balance between simple and effective is something every business aims for. But finding a solution that can strengthen your companies processes without crippling business is not always the easiest to come by.

That is precisely where Booth Industries, a manufacturer of bespoke performance door sets, found themselves. Working through a transitional period, Booth Industries was eager to find the right investment to unlock their full potential.

Booth Industries recognised the value a manufacturing system could add to their company however, they wanted to make sure that the solution would help their team regain control without overpowering their business.

Booth Industries Managing Director, Mike Jenkinson, explained why he selected Berkeley Myles Solutions. “We felt ProgressPlus wasn’t so complex that it would stifle the business but will enable us all to grow with it and give us the functionality we need.”

Clever Not Complicated

Having felt the pressure of running multiple systems across their business, Booth Industries was calling out for an uncomplicated but powerful answer to their problems.

Mike Jenkinson described their pain, “…our data was very siloed. Finance had a system, purchasing had their system and manufacturing was using a system that did the job on a basic level. The problem was we didn’t have visibility across the business. Nothing was linked together and it made extracting information very difficult.”

While these disparate systems might have been able to perform to a rudimentary level, they can only take you so far. Eager to continue the success of their re-blooming business, Booth Industries understood this broken and disparate flow could prevent their company from reaching its full potential.

Anything but Basic

While simple in process, the increase in business capabilities ProgressPlus offers for Booth Industries is anything but basic. The real power of a business system is the work it does behind the scenes without anyone even noticing. The key is to add value to the daily running of business without adding to the volume of work.

Across Business Visibility

By seamlessly uniting all information from across each department of a business into one easy to access platform, ProgressPlus provides Booth Industries with the opportunity to track, trace and analyse each step of their business.

The ability to gain a clearer image of the business as a whole will not only help to move along the daily running of production, but also unite communication across all departments of the company.

Less Manual Data Manipulation

There is nothing more frustrating or timely than having to spend hours implementing data into one system and then repeat the process on another system. This is the harsh reality of working across disparate systems.

With ProgressPlus, the fear of losing is data taken out of the equation. Data flows through each section of production from inception to shipping and beyond meaning you can have trust in what the data is telling you with ProgressPlus.

Systems Don’t Lie

While doing double work comes at a cost, it is nowhere near a costly as running with incorrect data. ProgressPlus removes the uncertainty around manually entered data and reduces the risk of human error.

As highlighted by Mike Jenkinson: “we have a fairly good idea of where we make and lose money, but in terms of efficiency and how we can start to turn the dial, I think ProgressPlus will become quite key. The system won’t lie. Clocking on and off becomes factual and in real-time.”

Value-added time

The reason nearly all businesses implement a form of business software is ultimately to save their organisation time. If any business system is taking up more time than it saves, it is time for a change. Simplifying business process, in turn, reduces the workload from each team member’s plate.

By minimising the strain on time, Progress Plus empowers your business to spend your vital time more wisely. Focussing on developing the business and improving the service they provide, turning what was once wasted time into value-added time.

Right System at the Right Price

It is these big, little things that simplify the daily running of business life but also arms business with potential for success. Combining into an all in one solution, ProgressPlus can help your enterprise pack a punch, without breaking the bank.

Mike Jenkinson Explained what sets ProgressPlus apart, “we met with a few different companies who demonstrated what they could do. One was too simplistic, and others didn’t have the functionality of ProgressPlus – simple but effective. ProgressPlus pretty much gave us everything we needed at a reasonable price.”

Simplify your businesses road to success, request a ProgressPlus demo today.