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Berkeley Myles Solutions Collaborate with Manufacturing Connect

The UK doesn’t seem to embrace technology at the same rate as the rest of the world – Deloitte

When looking at the rates at which businesses utilise any form of digital technologies, the UK is significantly lower than other parts of the world especially when measured against Europe and North America.

With COVID only furthering the challenges for businesses and Brexit setting us apart from the rest of Europe, regardless of your views on the topic, it is now crucial that as a country we unite and embrace technologies to improve our industries and economy.

To help encourage the uptake of digital technologies, Edge Hill University developed the Manufacturing Connect programme. Manufacturing Connect brings together manufacturing, technology and business experts from Edge Hill University, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NW), and Manchester Metropolitan University to form a panel of experts.

The programme breaks down the barriers of tech adoption, using peer-to-peer interaction. While some businesses may just have never considered embracing technologies, for the most part, the barriers around adopting new technology is usually an element of fear: changing takes time, what if it doesn’t work, is it difficult to use the new system, will it take more time than save more time, do the benefits really outweigh the change?

We, at Berkeley Myles Solutions, have been sharing the same message and helping break those barriers for the last 25 years; that is why it has been great to be involved in the programme.

While at Manufacturing Connect, our MD, Tony MacBride, shared a case study from one of our clients, Bright Engineering, showing how they saved 100 hours a month and had an increase of 15% in productivity.

With Tony being on the panel the hope is by sharing our case studies and expertise, we can help others overcome the barriers and finally adopt digital technologies for their business.

We want to help breakdown the fears of switching to a new operating system. We want to remove the worries of the transitional period when changing. Most importantly, we want to share the sizeable benefits that can occur by embracing technology.

We encourage manufacturers to reach out to us for a tailored software demo and find out about real case studies, not just a sales appointment.

Now is the time to embrace tech and now is the time to progress your business. Contact us to learn more about how others alleviated the barriers.