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Blueprint for 100% On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) in Manufacturing

The Real-World Impact: A Testimony

Calvin Moy, Managing Director of Complete Machining and Lynden Tooling, has achieved excellence in manufacturing.

He proudly shares, “With the combination of the KANBAN approach and ProgressPlus, we have achieved 100% on-time, in-full delivery for our main customer for five consecutive years.”

Calvin’s success is not just about hitting impressive metrics; it’s about the relationships built along the way. He adds, “Berkeley Myles Solutions and their support team, especially individuals like James, have been instrumental in our achievements.”

Achieving 100% OTIF is the gold standard in manufacturing. But what does this mean?

Enhanced customer loyalty, more repeat business, and a sterling reputation. To set a path towards this goal, tools like the KANBAN workflow and ProgressPlus are invaluable.

Unpacking OTIF:

At its core, OTIF stands for more than just timely delivery. It encapsulates the idea of delivering quality products—right when they’re expected. A commitment to meeting quality and time, every single time.

The Journey to 100% OTIF:

Commitment to Culture: Everything starts with a mindset. Creating an organisation where late deliveries are not just frowned upon, but seen as unacceptable, ensures that teams always work with a sense of urgency, innovate continuously, and commit to prompt dispatches.

Importance of Visible KPIs: For any goal, measurement is key. Having a KPI that captures the actual product delivery time to the customer, rather than its shipment date, keeps every department accountable.

KANBAN’s Role in Inventory: A real-time, visual snapshot of inventories is what KANBAN offers. Marry that with ProgressPlus, and what you have is a powerful duo that ensures timely availability of materials, prevents unexpected stock-outs, and promises smooth manufacturing cycles.

Adherence to Production Schedules: Know the capacity. Plan accordingly. Once the plan is in motion, avoid disruptions. This ensures not just timeliness but also operational efficiency.

Upholding Quality: Good products on time—that’s the motto. Keeping an eye on quality KPIs ensures that the product doesn’t just reach on time, but also delights the customer.

Efficiency Monitoring with Software: The manufacturing process isn’t always linear. ProgressPlus helps track Overall Equipment Effectiveness, providing insights and helping preempt potential bottlenecks.

Building Supplier Synergy: Suppliers are partners in the journey to OTIF. Sharing OTIF goals and aspirations ensures that supply matches demand, always.

Empower the Workforce: The right tools in the right hands—that’s a game-changer. Using ProgressPlus to train ensures the team is always equipped to deliver.

Celebrating Milestones: Recognise. Reward. Repeat. Acknowledging achievements boosts morale and reaffirms commitment.

The Support Backbone: Beyond Software

Achieving 100% OTIF is not just about leveraging the right software but also ensuring there’s a strong support system in place.

Berkeley Myles Solutions stands out, not just for its cutting-edge system, but for the consistent, human-centric support they offer.