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Concept Metal Products

Company background

Concept Metal Products is located in Manchester and specialises in pressed metal sections, laser cutting and bending up to eight metres and welded assemblies. It services various industry sectors, including public service and commercial vehicles, nuclear, water, power and waste disposal. It has supplied stainless steel parts for the Olympic Fountains in Barcelona, parts for the Millennium Dome site and the main parts for the fire doors at the new International Airport, Hong Kong.

“The speed of information retrieval is on a scale that is simply impossible with any manual system and enables staff to run the business more effectively.”

Why did the company choose ProgressPlus?

Concept has always had good manual systems, including shop floor accounting. The first department it computerised was the accounts department, installing the Sage system to handle the company accounts. The company then installed ProgressPlus to manage job processing. The system was very similar to the manual shop floor system and was flexible enough to be adapted to existing processes. ProgressPlus also integrated well with Sage. A deciding factor was the type of support offered by Berkeley Myles. The company was well-established and could guarantee on-going support, excellent communication channels and an effective long-term relationship.

Functions used

Concept uses all the functionality offered by ProgressPlus as full integration can deliver the maximum benefit.

Benefits realised

  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Significant improvements in volume and accessibility of management information.

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