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BSI Assessor Loves ProgressPlus

Dacol Engineering is a CNC Machinist registered to ISO 9001:2008 and have been trading since 1977. Situated in Nottinghamshire, they provide CNC Milling and Turning, which include plating, painting, anodising and assembly.

Dacol Engineering has been using ProgressPlus production control software since November 2011 to help control their business operations. As a business that needs to adhere to legislation, in a recent ISO 9001 audit the BSI Assessor was very impressed with ProgressPlus. In particular, the BSI assessor was impressed with the amount of information he was able to access on ProgressPlus to complete the audit.

Dave Lodge from Dacol Engineering spoke about the businesses use of ProgressPlus.

“Everything is special about ProgressPlus. We are getting more information from the system than we thought was possible. The works manager, Russell Walker, can extract the information he needs in regards to performance on the shop floor, not only the machinist but also the machine themselves. For example, ProgressPlus can tell us how many hours a machine has been removing metal and what machine is sitting idle. Also, we use the profit/loss functionality in ProgressPlus so we can see what jobs we are making money on. When we close off a works order the cost summary will give us an instant figure to see if we are running the job on a profit or loss.”

Dave continued: “It has dramatically changed the way we work and I don’t know how we managed doing it, manually, before. Now the process is seamless and ProgressPlus runs like a well-oiled machine.

“There are huge savings in labour as we can access information at the click of a mouse button and no longer need to search filing cabinets for paperwork. Overall, the people at Berkeley Myles Solutions are great. Whenever I ring up they are pleasant and pleased to help you.”

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