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Cormac Engineering reduces costs with the help of ProgressPlus

A top engineering firm has realised efficiencies in the workplace thanks to the help of Berkeley Myles Solutions and ProgressPlus.

Cormac Engineering, a Scottish manufacturing engineering company with more than 25 years in the industry, has used ProgressPlus for the past four years.

Technical Director Stephen Corbett explained how the product has “moved the company forward a great deal.”

He said: “If we didn’t have ProgressPlus, we would need to employ one or two people in the office. It has saved us the cost of one or two people.”

Cormac Engineering specialises in manufacturing materials across various industries, with steel fabrication and process heating being two of their primary services.

Due to growth and changes within the company structure, Cormac Engineering needed to change from their cumbersome business software.

Stephen said their old software only offered a few features, and using it for the most basic requirements was a “nightmare.”

But since moving to ProgressPlus by Berkeley Myles Solutions, life has been much easier for him and his colleagues.

Additionally, Stephen explained that his boss was initially reluctant to move away from the system they were used to but is now glad he came around and embraced the change.

He said: “The managing director was dubious about it, and it took me a while to get him into it. He used the old system that he had been running for the best part of 20 years.”

Cormac Engineering experience what a lot of businesses experience with change. They are fearful at first but once they experience the benefits they are fully convinced.

Stephen added: “I know that if someone has made an order, I don’t need to go anywhere else. I can double-check with the click of a button, and you know exactly what’s going on.

“It gives me peace of mind that I can log into my computer from home and see what’s happening. I would be lost without it now.”

The staff at Cormac Engineering have found that ProgressPlus has helped with everything from job costing to payroll, invoicing, purchase orders and more.

Praising Berkeley Myles Solutions’ support team, he said: “They are great. Any time you phone them up, they call you back in ten minutes maximum. They sort the issue out no problem.”

If you want to find out about how Progress Plus can help your business, visit for more information.