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How Do We Help The Economy Recover?

We heard from a business director that he was spending his ‘spare’ time gardening while his business is on lockdown. If you don’t make the most of your time during this ‘natural’ break and just hit pause on your business activity, it will only set you back. It’s time to think outside the box and find out how YOU can boost your business from the inside. Step up to the plate and be a step ahead of the competition!

The lockdown is challenging companies to look for new and innovative ways of running their business. Whilst this time may have pushed businesses out of their comfort zone, it will be those who embrace the different world that will resurface with the leading edge.

At Berkeley Myles Solutions, just one of the things we are doing to move our business forward is embracing the challenge of remote working. Not only have we innovatively adapted our methods of training, but the feedback from both our team and customers shows we are succeeding!

We always had the capabilities to provide cutting-edge remote video training, but for many of our customers, the fear of the online world held them back. With recent circumstances, it has left companies with little option to either change or die!

A Game Changer for ProgressPlus Implementations

We are leading the way for our customers who are looking for other ways to be quicker, faster and smarter – and ultimately controlling their business better. This is why we decided to adapt our training into short sharp video sessions running across video conferencing tools such as ‘Zoom’ and ‘Microsoft Teams’, bringing staff from across the country together in one place.

Fast Track Implementation

By running remote training, we now have a faster speed of delivery. Where some businesses may have had to hit the pause button, our customers can keep both their momentum and projects going. This ability to fast track implementation means their business is ready to hit the ground running when the time comes.

Face to Face

Like in everything we do our customers’ needs are at the forefront of this development. This is why we increased our ability to deliver a range of video conferencing tools. For our customers it’s this mimicking of face to face contact that really makes the difference. As highlighted by our Training & Implementation manager, Colin Henderson: “Microsoft Teams or Zoom training is great as you can see the customer’s reaction, whether it be body language or facial expression, and respond to this whereas over the phone it just isn’t possible.”

Focussed Sessions

Running shorter, more focussed sessions give the users more time to understand and take the information on board. Increasing the efficiency of both our training and the customers’ ability to put what they have learnt in to practice, quickly and effectively.

Lancereal Ltd have just started their implementation during the lockdown and Laura Hampson, Business Development Manager at Lancereal, described this type of training as a benefit: “Shorter sessions allow us to have more time to digest the information, have a think about it and maybe even do a bit of work on it all before the next session. We gain a bit more each session, instead of it all being done at once.”

Site-Wide Training

For businesses with a need for multi-site training, carrying this out onsite can be fragmented and costly. Remote training gives the option to bring the whole team together for one session. This not only saves the business money but also means all staff are working from the same page.

MD of Berkeley Myles Solutions, Tony MacBride said: “The latest government measures have challenged companies. Businesses may not be able to claw back all the sales they have lost. But with better productivity, it can go a long way to help balance the books. It’s important for companies to adapt and utilise new methods to internally boost the success of their business throughout this crisis.”