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How Do You Assess Customer Experience

Most of today’s customers must manage under time pressures and they appreciate convenience and responsiveness – especially when they need to solve a problem. In a world where a company’s details of their products and services and any amount of technical information is just a click away, why is that businesses make communication unprecedentedly long and unpredictable?

Today, there are more ways for people to contact you, but businesses can be too reliant on digital and make it difficult to speak to someone. Digital communications such as chatbots, live messaging apps can perfectly answer customer questions, but this cannot be as a replacement for more traditional communication channels such as a simple phone call.

At Berkeley Myles Solutions, providing a perfect customer experience from the first contact to coming onboard as a customer is at the heart of our business. We embrace innovative methods of communication but don’t forget, it is the way we communicate that matters.

This means solving people’s issues, following up enquiries and instantly answering the phone whenever it rings. We never use ticketing systems or call waiting settings. You contact us and you will speak to someone immediately.

When assessing vendors, you need to review all of this. Think, if they take long to reply to an initial enquiry – what will their customer support be like? Check:

  • Is the company contactable by phone?
  • What are their response times like? How long does it take the company to get back to my enquiry/question?
  • What are the people like to deal with? Can you have a business relationship with them? Can you trust them?
  • What contact methods do they use and assess how they use them?
  • Check their customer reviews? Are they incentivised? Do they let you contact their customers direct?

As time goes on, it appears that buyers believe less in the benefits claimed by vendors and want more evidence: not just in your particular product or service, but in the need for the product or service in general.

At Berkeley Myles Solutions we don’t waste our time with fake reviews. If you need evidence, we put you directly in touch with our customers.

We take pride in excellent customer service. Not just for our own customers but our potential customers as well. We answer the phone efficiently and always aim to solve people’s problems on any query they may have.

Want to try the Berkeley Myles experience? Just call 0141 440 1987.