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Keeping Your Business Open for Business

Could the loss of one staff member bring your business to a standstill? While in a perfect world, having one key team member who knows your software inside out, sounds ideal. In a world of pandemics and uncertain circumstances, it is always good to have a back-up plan.

With staff either on furlough or unable to work, your business could be in the position of having no trained staff, to keep business software moving. The reality of losing a vital team member could lead to a breakdown in business.

No business can afford to come to a standstill because of waiting around for staff to return. That is precisely why we didn’t wait around, and instead altered our way of working to help your business keep working.

Open for Business

Whether you are an existing customer or looking to implement ProgressPlus for the first time, you may be questioning is now the right time to train new staff. Should you wait for the team to come back from furlough or for the lockdown dust to settle?

Dwelling on what has happened won’t help your business grow for the future. Use this time to get all your staff up to scratch on essential training and prepare your staff ahead of their return. Having multiple team members who are knowledgeable in essential software and equipped to step up to the plate in times of need adds an extra arm of strength to your business.

While things may be running a little different than before, that won’t stop our team from helping your business grow. Having adapted our original on-site training days with effective remote training, we can reach your entire business no matter where they are working – meaning your business can make the most of your time, money and workforce.

Berkeley Myles Solutions simple 3 phase remote training plan provides the knowledge you require when your business needs it most.

3 Phase Remote Training

1.     Preparation

Whether we are working remotely or on-site, the first step of our training process remains the same. We take the time to get to know our clients from their business needs and plans to discussions on data and system configuration. This helps us to adapt our services to create the ideal solution for each client.

A direct line of communication remains open between our team and clients before, during and after installation. We are always just a phone call away.

2.     Short Sharp Sessions

Responding to the change in circumstances, we have adapted our on-site training day, into short, focused video sessions.

By running shorter, more focussed sessions, our users have found it ideal to understand and take the information on board. We are increasing the efficiency of both our training and the customers’ ability to put what they have learnt in to practice, quickly and effectively.

Colin Henderson, Implementation Manager, explained: “Rather than relying on 8 hours of concentration, the customers are finding 2-hour sessions allows them to digest the information more easily and put it into practice in advance of the next session.”

3.     Rapid Deployment

Now more than ever it is essential for businesses to put their best foot forward. With the company returning from a period of downtime, nobody is benefiting from the luxury of time. With the same target to meet and a lot less time to do it, rapid deployment is the most vital part of installing new software.

Colin Henderson highlighted the benefit remote training has on implementation timescales, “Shorter, remote sessions have also allowed us to react very quickly as the logistics of travel don’t apply.”

We are taking the logistics of on-site training out the equation. Our team can provide training in as little as a few days’ notice. This ability to fast track implementations means a business can be prepared ahead of time, ready to hit the ground running.

If your business is feeling the pain of knowledge gaps or your company is looking to get a step ahead, then get in touch today to find out more about the remote training we offer.