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Growing Manufacturer Maximises Efficiency With ProgressPlus

A growing SME manufacturer, Maximum Precision, recently invested in production control software, ProgressPlus. They implemented the system to meet their customers’ needs by ensuring they respond to enquiries on time, that their sales order processing and manufacturing processes are on schedule and that they have full control over their suppliers.

Managing Director of Maximum Precision, Gareth Jones, commented: “As the business continued to rapidly grow, it became apparent that we needed to improve our systems to ensure that we could consistently meet the demands of new and existing customers. We needed greater control of our manufacturing process and identified that there were significant cost and time savings to be made by streamlining each step of the process.”

Maximum Precision used to process customers sales orders, from initial enquiry through to invoicing was via a combination of spreadsheets and accounting software. With the amount of data input required, keeping the spreadsheets accurate and up-to-date became extremely time consuming and as their workload increased, the number of errors increased.

The accounting software Maximum Precision used did not meet the needs for managing the manufacturing processes and therefore they were creating works orders manually, again via spreadsheets. Due to the number of different spreadsheets they were using information was having to be duplicated as a customer’s order progressed through the system which was not ideal.

Gareth said: “We are pleased to say that investing in ProgressPlus was a decision that we do not regret. All of our information is now in one place and we can monitor the progress of any order at any time. The software is great and easy to use which means delivering training to our staff takes very little time indeed.”

Gareth continued: “Our ability to meet our customers’ needs has increased by ensuring we respond to enquiries on time, that our sales order processing and manufacturing processes are on schedule and that we have full control over our suppliers. We have seen massive improvements in our on time delivery performance and our communication with both customers and suppliers has also improved because we now have the ability to extract accurate information from the system. By implementing such a robust piece of software so early on we have ensured that our systems will continue to support the growth of the business for many years to come.”

Maximum Precision, has a  team of highly skilled engineers with extensive knowledge of specialist manufacturing techniques allowing them to manage the supply and development of product at all the key stages – CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Design for Manufacture and Finishing. They also able to offer rapid prototyping, sheet metal fabrication services and welding.