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Can You Migrate Manufacturing Software Over a Weekend? You Betcha!

Rapid Migration and Software Implementation for Dawson Precision Components

With 50 years’ experience, Dawson Precision Components is a sub-contract specialises in production and pre-production of precision engineered components. They supply to a range of industry specialised sectors including Medical, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Defence, Transport, Marine, Communications and Environmental Industry both to UK market and overseas.

Silos of Information

Dawson Precision Components had been using Emax Systems since 2003 and felt it was time to move on. Paul Dawson, Managing Director of Dawson Precision Components said: “we had to use a lot of different systems to manage production control. Some were manual and some not. We wanted a complete business management solution to pull it all together into one package.”

Dawson took a look on the bright side

Dawson Precision Components had a particular new system on their wish list.

Paul Dawson said: “on reviewing the marketplace we were aware of other manufacturing systems but liked ProgressPlus best. We work closely with Jon Hoyle at Bright Engineering. They had ProgressPlus for 12 months and he was singing its praises. We visited Bright Engineering a couple of times to review ProgressPlus. Although, we had an online demo from Berkeley Myles Solutions, it was great to see real world data showing us different reports. We saw first-hand how easy it was to setup new parts and use shop floor data collection to automate things.”

Why not stay with Emax Systems?

Paul said: “After seeing ProgressPlus in action, Emax Systems looked rather dated. On later discussions with Emax Systems they said they were working on a new system, but hadn’t communicated it to us, the customers. I believe customers are yet to see the new system. There were many reason why we left such as not getting updates when we wanted them. For example, when we got through to support with an issue, the support manager would say your version is out of date, have you not had updates? ‘We are on version 6.29 but you are on version 6.24’. Also, we weren’t happy with the way they dealt with support queries.  If you had an issue you had to a submit support ticket and wait for them to get back to you.”

Paul continued: “ProgressPlus is just so much slicker, it is much easier on the eye, looks modern and it is intuitive to go from one section to another. There are lots of features we prefer rather than Emax Systems.”

Migration Is Quick And Easy

When buying new production control software, companies have to transfer data between systems. This should be as easy as possible. Paul commented: “we bought ProgressPlus in July. In September, after training, we stopped using the manual system and started ordering on ProgressPlus. It took us a weekend to complete the move. We exported all the parts out of Emax Systems and imported into ProgressPlus. On the Friday afternoon, we did a full stock take and put on all outstanding sales orders and started running with it on the Monday 16th November.”

Paul Dawson talked about what has impressed him as well as how they are benefiting from ProgressPlus. Paul said: “what has impressed me is the ease of finding information in the system. It is easy to switch modules and not needing to go back to one screen. For example, if you are in works orders, it stays open if you need to go into something else. We save time producing a quote as all the figures are automatically calculated. It also helps us with suppliers, we use it as a purchase enquiry system, as it keeps a record of the price of suppliers. Finally, the Berkeley Myles Solutions support and response times are excellent.  Every time I have called, I have been dealt with quickly and effectively. The support team resolve any queries virtually straight away.”

Why not take 30 mins and get a demo of ProgressPlus to see how easy it is to use.

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