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Penta Precision Quadruple With ProgressPlus

Penta Precision has over 60 years’ precision machining and tool making experience. The UK sub-contracting manufacturer that supplies to aerospace pharmaceutical and medical sectors was in need of a robust production control system to build the blueprint for their growth.

Before selecting ProgressPlus, Penta Precision had a simple manual system but as they are a growing business, they realised they needed to implement a production control system when smaller, to lay the foundation for future growth. Additionally, as a company supplying to aerospace, pharma and medical industries you need to prove you have complete traceability and are efficient.

Mark Walker at Penta Precision said “during the selection procedure for a new production control system we looked at five different providers. We looked at three main criteria – support, ease of use and comprehensive in features so we can offer customers full traceability.”

Superior Support Team

Mark said “the tipping point of the deal was their ability to offer exemplary customer support at installation and post installation. For example, when I telephone support within a minute you have a technician on your screen giving you a refresher on something you haven’t done in a few months. Berkeley Myles Solutions structured telephone support and long term support is exemplary. Compared to other software providers we use in the business it is far better and was far superior to what the other production control software providers were offering.”

Comprehensive Solution and Ease of Use

Mark continues “ProgressPlus was a complete comprehensive package and was more comprehensive solution than other companies. It has more modules, but particularly because of the today screen that can drive activity from the start to the very end of the process, which helps process work so quickly and efficiently. We didn’t see many systems that can do the same!”

Penta Precision have been using ProgressPlus as business control system since 2007 and the product is being used to drive continuous improvement through the business. When Penta Precision bought ProgressPlus they were a 5 person business and are now 20 person business aiming to be a 30 person business in three years’ time.

Quadruple Staff and Treble Turnover

“ProgressPlus is helping us as we are continually updating and getting better at what we are doing. It is also great driving prices down as we can look at buying history. Since purchasing ProgressPlus we have trebled our turnover and quadruped our staff and ProgressPlus helped us grow. I know I made the right decision and nobody could uproot the software.”

Penta Precision was able to make controlled growth happen and improve their quality performance and on time delivery performance.

Mark Walker commented “it is a good thing having traceability for supplying to aerospace, pharma and medical industries. ProgressPlus has made the ISO 9001 really easy to do, the ISO auditor just sits at a screen for traceability checks. Also, we have the ability to keep records and capture history and actually use the fact to keep traceability forever, electronically, in our selling presentations.”

ProgressPlus brings control into the business and a lot of time saving.

“ProgressPlus has made processing orders more efficient. One person used to spend 50% of their time processing orders. Now we are processing four times more orders and it is still only half the employee’s job. We have saved a lot of time, it has helped with lean manufacturing, recording things jobs easier and finding parts easier. It has tightened everything up.”

“Although we are larger than we first bought it. The systems is so powerful that we have still not unleashed all its full potential. There is much more to the system that will help them power the business even more and help us double the turnover double again in three years time.”

Overall, Mark wishes he implemented it earlier and quicker “we are very pleased we chose ProgressPlus for the long term. It is absolutely fit for purpose”