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Production Control Software Helps Sub-Contractors Improve Performance and Meet KPIs

As a result of the rapid growth of two manufacturing enterprises of varying size, A. Taylor & Son and Maximum Precision, they have updated their production control systems to meet the demands of their new and existing customers. Both businesses selected ProgressPlus by Berkeley Myles Solutions as they needed greater control of the manufacturing procedures and identified that there were significant cost and time savings to be made by streamlining each step of the process.

A. Taylor & Son, a fabrication and machining engineer celebrating 150 years in 2014 installed its first production control system almost 10 years ago. The Redthorn system was sufficient at the time to support the company, which operated from two sites and had 60 employees, however, the company, today, are very different. With over 150 employees and four sites in Leeds A. Taylor & Son have experienced a strong period of growth and is now positioned as one of the country’s leading sub-contractors supplying high quality precision fabrications to the Oil and Gas industry. The company identified some time ago, it needed a new system to support its expanding infrastructure and meet the demands of its exacting client base.

David Minskip, Managing Director of A. Taylor & Son, commented: “Redthorn suited us at the time, but as we grew its limitations became evident and our needs changed quickly. With products flowing across four sites and out through a network of sub-contractors we needed clear visibility of both products and internal processes at all times – we must have over a thousand items at any one time in production so we must have our fingers on the pulse”.

“We selected ProgressPlus by Berkeley Myles Solutions because of its intuitive interface, its bill of material structure – which is key in our industry – and its powerful data processing facility, meaning accurate information is available at the touch of a button. Other improvements include supplier performance tools, a robust inspection and NCR (non-conformance reporting) function and one of the key factors – capacity planning and scheduling”.

Maximum Precision, established in 2010 and growing to 11 employees, chose ProgressPlus because their accounting software did not meet their needs for managing the manufacturing processes. They were creating work orders manually via spreadsheets. Due to the number of different spreadsheets they were using the information was having to be duplicated as a customer’s order was being progressed through the system, which was error prone, labour intensive and timely.

Gareth Jones, MD of Maximum Precision, said: “We are pleased to say that investing in ProgressPlus was a decision that we do not regret. All of our information is now in one place and we can monitor the progress of any order at any time. The software is great and easy to use, which means delivering training to our staff takes very little time indeed.”

“We have seen massive improvements in our on time delivery performance. Also, our communication with both customers and suppliers has also improved because we now have the ability to extract accurate information from the system. By implementing such a robust piece of software we have ensured that our systems will continue to support the growth of the business for many years to come.”