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ProgressPlus is Well-ahead of Emax Systems

Wellahead Engineering has been delivering precision machining services and engineering solutions since 1998 for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and private applications including Oil & Gas, Marine and Renewables.

The company had been using Emax Systems but due to poor customer support and not being able to manage Wellahead’s growth they moved to ProgressPlus.

John Stevenson, Production Engineering Manager at Wellahead commented:

“We previously used Emax Systems for production control but we needed to change to ProgressPlus. This is because we weren’t getting the support and assistance we needed from Emax Systems. As our business grew, they couldn’t deal with the change or handle our requirements, particularly with the documents and paperwork we needed.”

John elaborated:

“We needed to produce hardness tests and metal certificates. These are fundamental documents that allow us to complete the job. We had to manually type all these extra certificates, but as time went on, more and more jobs needed this additional certification and we required a more efficient way of managing this.

We asked Emax Systems to help with this but they couldn’t, however, ProgressPlus could!”

John said:

“The documents weren’t the main reason for us changing the production control system. The lack of support wasn’t good enough for us. We would call up with an issue and it would take weeks for them to fix it and offer us a solution. These were major issues and were delaying us from completing jobs. This is not the case with ProgressPlus – you call up, they log in to your computer remotely and sort any issue there and then.”

John continued:

“We just couldn’t continue using Emax Systems as the support service was getting progressively worse. It was okay at the beginning but then we wouldn’t hear from the company or have any reps or salespeople call in.

The system we had was 5 versions behind the current version and they would never contact us for the update – we would have to contact them. Berkeley Myles Solutions contact us to update the system all the time.”

John from Wellahead spoke about life now with a superior production control system:

“Since moving to ProgressPlus, we have definitely seen a benefit with lots of efficiency savings across the business. Now we can automatically produce the documents we need at the time we need to deliver off jobs and it has also made issuing jobs quicker.”

John continued:

“Support has been so much better. Also, the implementation was seamless and quick. A special mention to Ryan. He was really good at helping us to sort the layout queries. Overall the team at Berkeley Myles Solutions have been great and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”