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PromeX saved 2 admin days a week after choosing ProgressPlus

PromeX is a fabrication company operating in the Rail and Oil & Gas sectors. Founded in 2005, PromeX were using paper-based systems to manage their business processes. The company experienced significant growth and this forced them to move to a software system.

A common theme amongst manufacturers is that they are confident investing in the top of the range equipment to make their products, however, when it comes to the best software systems to run their business, there is a fear of the unknown. How do you know you are investing time, money and effort in the right system that will fit your needs and help you run your business efficiently?

Ben Hodges, Engineering Director at PromeX said they were experiencing difficulties and they wanted to improve three main areas:

Better control of processes

“All our systems were paper based and a lot of our orders were verbal. This raised problems with quantities and issue numbers. Changing orders manually can cause issues. For example, we would manufacture a batch of 8 and the customer would come back and say they only wanted 4. This cost us a lot of money. Now, with ProgressPlus we have sales order acknowledgements, which is helping as it communicates to our customers the items, prices, and delivery dates for orders they place with us.”

Better tracking

“The amount of call-off orders and scheduling agreements increased and keeping track of them was getting harder. Now we can build stock and call them off when we want. Something that has gained traction since we bought the software.”

More streamlined operations

“The primary reason for implementing software was to cut time. We needed to save time in operations where we could. Additionally, our accounting staff were doing hundreds of credit notes a year because of issues with typos and now with ProgressPlus we are seeing a lot less of those. Since moving to a software system we have noticed a huge time saving as we no longer need to send invoices manually. Before we were spending 2 days a week invoicing and now we are only spending an hour a week.”

Ben continued: “ProgressPlus has made us look more professional. Previously, I was doing invoices on my email and sometimes missing key details. Now with ProgressPlus everything is easier as the full job specification is automatically on the invoice.”

ProgressPlus is far superior to our previous manual systems. PromeX now have:

  • Better control
  • Time saving
  • Slicker purchasing
  • Full clarity on all internal and external documents

Ben also mentioned before selecting ProgressPlus he looked at FactoryMaster. Ben said:

”In the end, ProgressPlus functionality and value was better, in particular the drilling down into different parts without needing to copy the part number over each time. Also, we wanted to get the system up and running quickly and we had more confidence in Berkeley Myles Solutions being able to do this.”

Since implementing ProgressPlus, PromeX has been experiencing more benefit. During an audit with one their major oil and gas customers, SaudiRamco, commented ProgressPlus is one of the best systems it has seen.

Overall Ben thinks ProgressPlus is a great value product. It has:

  • Improved day to day processes
  • It looks neat and quicker
  • There has been a reduction in paper
  • Easier handover with holidays
  • You raise a subcon order easier as all the information is already in the system
  • Made audits easier
  • We have saved 2 days invoicing a week

Get a demo of ProgressPlus today. It only takes maximum 30 mins.