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Sage50 Manufacturing Enters End Of Life

Now is the time to make the change to a fully supported manufacturing system.

Are you a Sage50 Manufacturing user?

If you’re currently using Sage50 Manufacturing for your business monitoring needs, then you’ll probably already know that the process of end of life has begun.

By the end of September 2021, there will be no updates or support for the software.

Ultimately, for Sage50 Manufacturing customers, they will no longer receive the support required if the software stops working or if you have issues after September 2021.

What If I Don’t Switch?

Using manufacturing management software that is unsupported is a potential time bomb for your business. Without a supported system, not only do you risk a halt in production, shipping or job orders, it can also impact your accreditation.

Accreditations are subject to audit processes and continual assessment and as such, without robust stock, data and information systems in place it can be difficult to have easy access to the information required for audit and assessment purposes.

Failure to satisfy these ongoing ISO requirements could result in a failure to gain reaccreditation and this could have a damaging effect on your business, with reputation and customer confidence being negatively affected.

Should I Switch to a New Solution?

You wouldn’t run a race with old trainers or you wouldn’t bake a cake with out of date ingredients, so why run your business without appropriate and up-to-date software?

You may be inclined to operate without choosing a new management system, however, this could be disastrous. Beyond failing to gain accreditation due to an unsupported system, there are many other issues which could occur by running old software.

The moment a new operating system update happens, your old software could stop working. We have all experienced similar, with updates on our smart phones – as soon as it is updated some apps stop working.

This can lead to potential issues including data loss and failure to process orders and this is why now is the time to switch.

Why should I switch to ProgressPlus instead?

ProgressPlus delivers what your business needs – fast and accurate information that lets you track, manage and develop every aspect of your manufacturing journey.

We offer ongoing support and have done for 25 years. We help over 4,000 users operate smoothly and are always there on a daily basis when they need further assistance; Read our case studies and customer testimonials to see what our customers like about ProgressPlus.

Many have already began moving their management system to us in order to get ahead – leaving it to the last minute may mean getting left behind.

Learn more about why you should switch to ProgressPlus here.