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The Misconception About Software

A common statement Berkeley Myles Solutions often hear is “our business is different, I don’t think any software system can meet our specific needs.”

What people then discover is that Berkeley Myles Solutions’ ProgressPlus software is flexible as is their implementation process.

Every business is unique and that is why a standard training programme does not work.

Berkeley Myles Solutions listen to the customer, assess their business and processes and then present a specific (and better) way of working.

A recent example of this is with our customer RVL. RVL is a UK-based electronic engineering company. It specialises in the design, testing and manufacture of innovative electronic systems. They have been using ProgressPlus since 2013. They selected ProgressPlus as a solution to help with the growth of their business globally.

RVL has a unique way of working and use ProgressPlus to fit with their business processes.

Kattrina Evans Sales and Purchasing Administrator for RVL said: “We utilise ProgressPlus in a specific way that suits us. Everything we offer is bespoke to the customer, meaning the solution we offer is different every time. We have setup ProgressPlus to monitor and manage man-hours rather than parts”.

ProgressPlus Helps You Sell Worldwide

RVL reviewed the UK market and realised to expand the company they would need to sell globally. The systems selection process was critical as RVL knew that if you don’t have the right software, it can end up costing a lot.

One particular example of how Berkeley Solutions helped RVL sell abroad (and fit with their process) is by providing a configured commercial invoice as standard within ProgressPlus. Kattrina said:

“They helped us include a specific commercial invoice which works brilliantly. The same information from the invoice also comes up when we get the delivery note as well. This has saved a lot of time and makes the process a lot easier.”

Can we do it? Yes we can. 

“The team at Berkeley Myles Solutions are absolutely superb. I love them all and everyone I speak to is really good at their job”

“My support calls are a bit more challenging. I am pushing the boundaries of ProgressPlus to extract more from the system but the system and support never fails and always holds up to our different requirements and queries.”

Kattrina continued: “ProgressPlus has made our processes easier, you can track all sales and purchases and link/match them together. It has certainly saved time and money across the business. For me, it is so much easier to process sales orders and purchase orders.”

“It is an all in one tool for the business – a single version of the truth. What is particularly great, it is a good source of information found all in one place. It doesn’t matter where you are in the system as you can always drill-down to find the answer.”

The Berkeley Myles Solutions way is to work with our clients, not for our clients. The managing director of Berkeley Myles Solutions, Tony MacBride, said: “The reason why our business succeeds is because our customers succeed. All our staff have the attitude of doing everything we can to help. This also benefits us as it encourages better use of ProgressPlus.”