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Why Change Happens?

Customers who were satisfied with conventional software many years ago get impatient with what they have because of lack of change and support. As the world evolves, customer needs change and grow, creating new demand for new types of products and services – and this opens up new areas of opportunity for companies to meet those needs.

In today’s fast-moving environment, businesses should embrace change. Change is important for any organisation because, without change, businesses would likely lose their competitive edge and fail to meet the needs of what most hope to be a growing base of loyal customers.

A number of users that ProgressPlus has helped claimed changing their production control software can be done quickly and easily and will dramatically improve business.

It’s Easy To Change Your Production Control Software

The ease of implementing ProgressPlus impressed Chris Pegram of Metrol Springs. He commented on the company’s change from Datatrack to ProgressPlus:

We bought a license for Datatrack but when I started using the tool I found it was actually counterproductive to what we were trying to do. I felt Datatrack was unnavigable and lacked flexibility.

In the other hand, ProgressPlus is intuitive and really easy you use. It is key, when implementing a new system, it can it be adaptable to specific requirements, having a company that supports and actively works with you to achieve this makes a huge difference to the successful implementation. From day one when I put ProgressPlus on my PC, it took me less than two months to get started, which is perfect as other vendors told us it would take a year.” Read more

Old Software Systems That Don’t Give You The Info You Need

Kieran Cooper Finance Director at CM Precision Components had a problem with old and outdated systems. Kieran commented:

“There are always problems with old and out of date systems. In our case, it didn’t integrate with email, it took longer to find what we needed and we required an army of people to get information out of the system – all these factors made our business inefficient.”

Since moving over to ProgressPlus, some of the main benefits CM Precision Components are experiencing is having readily available information that can be easily accessed and acted on. CM Precision Components have saved money on resources and with the better information, they can see where the money is being spent and where they can make savings in production. Read more

Support Tickets and a Need For Better Customer Service

Marlor Tooling was experiencing issues with lack of support and not getting what they needed. Kevin Taylor, Managing Director of Marlor Tooling said:

Match-IT wasn’t giving us what we needed. We felt the company wasn’t interested in giving us the support and functionality we requested. We also experienced issues with lack of support from Match-IT In you need to submit a support ticket and they will ring you back in 48 hours, if it is an emergency they will ring you back in 4 hours.”

Kevin moved to ProgressPlus because: “it does everything it says on the tin! Everything we want, it does.”

Berkeley Myles Solutions team of UK service and support consultants are highly skilled and ensure a rapid resolution of all queries. Customers are at the centre of the company’s values and recognise that success is built on the customers. Read more

Dawson Precision Components had been using Emax Systems since 2003 and felt it was time to move on. Paul Dawson, Managing Director of Dawson Precision Components said:

“We wanted a complete business management solution. After seeing ProgressPlus in action, Emax Systems looked rather dated. There were many reasons why we left such as not getting software updates from support when we wanted them. Also, we weren’t happy with the way they dealt with support queries.  If you had an issue you had to a submit support ticket and wait for them to get back to you. Berkeley Myles Solutions support and response times are excellent.  Every time I have called, I have been dealt with quickly and effectively. The support team resolve any queries virtually straight away.” Read more

One of the major concerns for someone when considering the ProgressPlus system is that changing over will cause upheaval in their business. However, Berkeley Myles Solutions have the ability to transfer data and configure existing layouts for quotes, purchase orders, job cards, invoicing etc. – reducing any work involved in the switch to the absolute minimum.

The software is easy to use, requires little training and you can make the change and begin to realise the efficiency improvements and significant returns in a very short timescale.

More than 3000 users throughout the UK and Ireland are benefiting from ProgressPlus which manages all aspects of process control including sales, manufacturing, stock control, despatch, and invoicing.

Berkeley Myles Solutions take pride on never losing sight of customers desired business outcomes – these are at the core of what has made them unique as production control system provider for the last 20 years. Berkeley Myles Solutions realise that as markets change – so must they for their customers. They treat their customers’ challenges and opportunities as their own.

Why not take 30 mins and get a demo of ProgressPlus to see how easy it is to use.