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Why choose us over the competition

We love nothing better than taking over a competitor’s site, but it can be frustrating to see the mess they leave after implementing their software. In Thailand, they have a slogan for selling fake goods – ‘Same Same but Different’. This is just what it feels like for us. Our competitors are selling software and providing a support service that is not up to an acceptable standard.

At Berkeley Myles Solutions, our approach is to listen and understand the practicalities of your business processes and assess the structure of your business. We then implement the system based on your processes and provide ongoing support and development to maximise your success.

Promise but don’t deliver

We don’t understand why competitors do this; maybe because they have a lack of interest once they have made the sale, they are incompetent or they cannot do it because they have a poor business structure.

In a recent example, a competitor’s customer approached us because the software company could not deliver the right solution for them. Our competitor couldn’t control and manage the customer’s unique processes and way of working. The customer was promised a very specific format for their certificate of conformity. 9 months later, it still wasn’t done!

It is a tricky job but that is what you pay support for. You are not just adding a simple logo to a layout, this is a high calibre job where you need the software company’s expertise.

Our approach is different

Not all business processes are the same and it is not always straightforward but you can never fault our lack of trying to get the best result for your business. We can tailor ProgressPlus to your precise requirements, either by configuring the software or by adding extra functionality, seamlessly integrating these modifications into the core solution.

You don’t need to put up with software that is not meeting your needs or constantly chase people for help to use their product.

At Berkeley Myles Solutions 80% of our business comes from referrals (happy customers). We don’t need to use dodgy Google Adwords to get business, we just do things right and the word spreads around. Read what our happy customers say.

When looking for new software get in touch with us.