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Why Companies Are Implementing ProgressPlus During COVID-19

Despite the current situation, we are continuing to help businesses discover how best to move their business forward. Under the current circumstances, the natural instinct for many is to stop or pause all forward planned expenditures and investments.

That is not the case for composites manufacturers, BAMD, and Lancereal who commission gearboxes and components for driving equipment such as forklift trucks. Both saw this break in business as an opportunity to take their enterprises to the next level.

Both companies had been planning to purchase and implement ProgressPlus at this time and continued with the plans as they can use this ‘natural’ quieter period to their fullest advantage.

Adam Managing Director of BAMD said “as we aren’t under major time constraints at the moment, it is a great opportunity to implement some change without really affecting our ability to produce. Taking this as an opportunity to implement software during a natural interruption of business instead of an engineered interruption.”

Laura Hampson, Business Development Manager for Lancereal, said: “With all of our customers’ product development slowing down across the next few months, we saw this time as an opportunity to do it properly”.

Both firms have opted to look forward in their business and feel that despite COVID-19, now is the right time to implement ProgressPlus – turning what could be a negative into a positive.

BAMD specialise in the manufacture of carbon fibre and glass fibre parts for automotive and motorsport teams. They have also recently diversified into different markets including supplying components for commercial vehicles.

BAMD is utilising this opportunity to implement ProgressPlus and set themselves up for business growth. Adam explained: “If and when we come out of all of this, we are on the verge of a rapid expansion. If that is the case, we want to be super organised before we get there and not have to do it whilst we are going through it.”

“With ProgressPlus, what we want is to get our business to the next level, to become a well-oiled organisation, increase efficiency and decrease workload”.

Lancereal had been using Sage 50 but as their business expanded the limitations of the software started to show.

Laura explained: “We have ended up with a load of spreadsheets to manage inventory and workflow. As we get busier and busier, we can’t keep going in this time-consuming way.” 

Laura continued: “For Lancereal, ProgressPlus was the best solution as it is comprehensive, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Sage.”