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Why We Don’t Attend Trade Events

If you are planning on attending any upcoming manufacturing events such as, “Southern Manufacturing and Electronics”, you won’t be stumbling across our team.

At Berkeley Myles Solutions we have opted to step away from pursuing new business at trade events and instead, lead our own path of referral driven, lead generation. Some may question our approach, however, in our opinion it’s simple – if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

While many attend these type of trade events to re-engage with customers and connections, our software competitors simply attend on the search for new business. They may need to do this because they are unsatisfied with the lack of leads they have. However, perhaps they should spend more time focussing on why this maybe?

In our opinion and experience, if you don’t have the adequate resources of time or staff, then attending can in fact be a risk, not a benefit.

Let us breakdown a few of the reasons we have chosen to break away from the herd.

Time Wisely Spent

Attending events requires a great deal of both time and resources, from preparation to attendance. It requires vital team members to step away from their roles and responsibilities on what ultimately could become nothing but a wild goose chase.

For a lot of companies, there, unfortunately, isn’t a bottomless pool of resources, poised to step in and replace these vacant roles, meaning the work and support customers rely on is affected. It’s a simple imbalance, ‘How can our competitors with a team of 9 work to their fullest efficiency, with 3 team members missing?’.

The risk of attending such events and reducing our working time is in our opinion not worth jeopardising the success of our current service.  At Berkeley Myles Solutions, we strive to use our time effectively and do what we do well, trusting in the service we provide to do the ‘sales pitching’ for us.

Why Search for What We Already Have?

The key reasoning most companies will give towards attending trade events is to gain leads and drum up interest in their services. Many call themselves market leaders, when in fact by attending such events and potentially putting the business they have at risk, they are actually market laggards.

At Berkeley Myles Solutions, we don’t feel the pressure or need to use trade events for this purpose.

Our main priority has always revolved around the support of our clients, ensuring they receive the highest quality service available. We remove the sales pitches and false promises and let our service do the talking.

It’s this no-nonsense, honest approach towards support and service which has already brought in more than 20 enquiries, in the month of January alone.

Look After what you Have

At Berkeley Myles Solutions we pride ourselves on the industry-leading level of support and high quality of service we provide each one of our clients.

Our on-hand approach to support has led to the creation of our outstanding customer satisfaction reputation and in turn, has produced a continuous growth of referral leads and enquiries. By nurturing our customers, we have been able to plant seeds for future growth.

Unlike our competitors, we no longer need to spend time chasing and following leads and can use our time proactively towards improving the service our clients deserve.

If you have heard how great we are and want to experience our great customer service contact us today