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Inventory Stock Control Software

  • Full Bill of Materials
  • Controls shelf life items
  • Batch adjustment receipt and production returns facilities
  • Stock write-off and Supplier return facilities
  • Multi-location stock
  • Quarantine stock
  • Stock movement analysis
  • Re-order level and minimum stock level control
  • Where used reports
  • Trial kitting
  • User-definable fields
  • Fast entry of operation time and sub-contract operations
  • Allows multiple attachments of related files/documents such as drawings, 3D models, etc
  • Part Number and Bill of Materials import facility
  • Work Centre and Part Number replacement facility
  • Full Part Number transaction history
  • Allows storage of Alternate Routings
  • Quantity, price and discount matrix for customers and suppliers
  • Revision control of drawing and part numbers
  • Allows stock allocation for Sales Orders and Works Orders
  • Automatic stock valuation by category e.g. finished parts, raw material, consumables
  • Stock take import and export facility
  • Batch traceability

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