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Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) for Manufacturing

Real time data for real time decisions. Save time and increase productivity with ProgressPlus Shop Floor Data Capture Module. Keep your employee data accurate with our skills maintenance, time and attendance, time recording by operations. SFDC provides users with accurate work-in-progress and costing information, while simultaneously minimising administrative input and clerical errors. Data is input using Shop Floor based data capture PCs optionally equipped with bar code readers and touch screens.

  • Allows job data to be entered on shop floor
  • ″Live″ updates to Job Costing and Job Tracking
  • Incorporates bar-coding
  • Uses low cost terminals or touch screens

Shop Floor Loading (Scheduling)

The Shop Floor Loading module organises all open operations for active jobs. The module automatically maintains real-time information that allows you to determine potential shop bottlenecks, prioritise operations in departments, expedite jobs and allocate resources to optimise shop throughput.

After a job is entered and has been automatically scheduled, the Loading module presents shop floor activity in real-time as it occurs.

  • Load against Capacity details by Work Centre, Week Number, etc.
  • Work Centre work-to-lists
  • Finite scheduling with manual, automatic or semi-automatic loading

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