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Is The Manufacturing Sector Set To Explode?

Manufacturing companies have often been seen to be reluctant or slow in uptake when investing in systems and processes to aid growth. But recently we have noticed many manufacturers that were once on the fence have made a 180-degree turn, and this has led to a massive spike in sales for Berkeley Myles Solutions.

What is motivating this move? Are manufacturers bracing themselves for a surge in activity in the industry by investing in themselves?

COVID-19 has had an undeniable impact on many businesses and has made them innovate and change their way of working. To fire ahead of competitors, manufacturing companies are taking the opportunity to change how they operate. To do this, they need access to fast and accurate information that lets them optimise every step of their manufacturing journey.

Massive Sales for ProgressPlus

Against all odds, the past month has been by far the most successful ever for new sales over 25 years of trading. Many people may have predicted to have a slower month due to global circumstances, but Berkeley Myles Solutions has smashed its previous best for monthly new sales by 50%.

The new sites that have signed up to ProgressPlus are coming from locations all over the UK from small to large companies across many industries. The past month has been staggering, with nine new sites from Precision Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Electronics to Sheet Metal and Fabrication. Across all manufacturing disciplines, our customers are projecting higher demand and are adding licenses and modules to their current packages to guarantee success.

Manufacturers are being strategic, they are taking control and investing in themselves to better serve their clients and take them to the next level.They are looking to streamline their businesses by scrapping their old legacy systems that are holding them back and no longer serve their needs.

Our clients are making the strategic decision to switch to ProgressPlus, and subsequently, demand for our services has gone through the roof.

What lies ahead

We see signs that the manufacturing industry is on the rise and we are looking forward to being an instrumental part of this journey.

Also, with Sage50 manufacturing nearing end of life (read our blog to find out what this might mean for you) we are seeing an unprecedented level of enquiries and are projecting that many more businesses will be opting for ProgressPlus.

Businesses are more ambitious than ever to smash their goals, don’t get left behind.

Avoid any upset and get ahead – get a free, live and interactive demo here to find how we can help your business.