ProgressPlus Vital Component in Growth for GTMA Members

GTMASeveral GTMA members have reported that ProgressPlus production control software has enabled them to increase their turnover and improve their operational efficiency.

Developed by Glasgow-based IT specialist Berkeley Myles in 2001, ProgressPlus provides an innovative solution which helps manufacturing organisations streamline, automate and integrate the management and control of shop-floor production and administrative processes. It now has more than 1200 concurrent users throughout the UK and Ireland.
Birmingham-based Burcas claims the software has been a vital component in helping the business expand into new market sectors.

Burcas has traditionally supplied high-quality precision tooling, cutting tools and paper cutting knives to a cross section of industries including automotive, paper, printing and converting and precision engineering.
However since 2001 the company has also focussed on the aerospace and defence markets, specialising in the manufacture and subcontract machining of highly complex critical components and precision tooling.
As the company expanded, its MRP system for production and accounts required upgrading in order to support the growing demands of the business.

After a lengthy evaluation and tender process, the company chose to implement the ProgressPlus software across all of its key business operations.
Burcas quality manager Martyn Fearn said the investment was crucial in order for the business to stay ahead of its competitors.

“As the company expanded into new markets we became acutely aware that we had to invest in production control software that would allow us to continue to grow and remain competitive in the long-term,” he said.
“We looked at several systems but ProgressPlus was the obvious choice due to its flexibility, robustness and ease of use.”

The system has been deployed throughout various divisions of the company, covering all aspects of process control including sales, manufacturing, stock control, despatch, and invoicing.
Martyn believes ProgressPlus has enabled the business to maintain the highest standards of service and increase its competitiveness in an increasingly tough marketplace.

He also insists that the system has been crucial in helping the business comply with the aerospace AS/EN 9100 quality standard.

“ProgressPlus has directly helped us improve as a business by giving us full traceability throughout the life-cycle of the production process,” he said.
“The system has increased our operational efficiency and has allowed us to grow our turnover by making us more streamlined, efficient and fully-compliant with the AS/EN 9100 standard.”
“The quality of our processes has improved dramatically. ProgressPlus’s ability to link up with SAGE 200 financial software allows us to easily see customer credit status on order entry and instantly view the overall company profitability.

“With the system handling administrative processing for sales and purchasing orders as well as invoicing, this ensures a consistent level of efficiency, saving the company time and money.”
Durham Precision Engineering has also seen significant operational improvements since adopting ProgressPlus in 2005.

The precision engineering business is based in the north-east of England and delivers sub-contract tool making and precision machining and welding services to a number of sectors including the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and the oil and gas sectors.

In the aerospace sector the business is currently involved in the Westland Future Lynx helicopter project, the Rolls-Royce 725 engine and the Rolls-Royce RB282 prototype aero engine.
Managing director Kevin McEneny joined the business a year ago and was instantly impressed by the effectiveness of ProgressPlus.

He said: “I had worked with SAP and Avante before joining Durham Precision and was used to working on much larger systems with many more seats.”
“I have been extremely impressed by the operational efficiency that ProgressPlus brings to the business and it is certainly one of the best packages that I have come across with an excellent front end and user interface.”
“The system has improved all of our process and gives full traceability from enquiry right through to product delivery.”

“It also runs very efficiently and I find that Berkeley Myles is extremely responsive and performs system updates with minimum impact on your business activity.”

ProgressPlus has proven to be very effective in helping Durham Precision grow as a business.
The system was recently demonstrated to oil and gas producer Total prior to securing upgrade projects on three of their North Sea Platforms. For this project traceability was key and ProgressPlus met the stringent criteria outlined in Total’s system audit.

Kevin added: “Key to securing new clients and contracts is demonstrating that you have a system that will stand-up to quality audits by potential clients,”
“An effective system ensures clients peace of mind that their order will be processed effectively and on time.”
Northampton based Tyne Tools provides a range of manufacturing solutions across the automotive, electronics and medical sectors.

Throughout the company’s expansion and diversification into new markets it became clear to the senior management team that their manual system was becoming unmanageable.
It considered various systems before settling on the ProgressPlus solution due to its ability to support bespoke manufacturing processes rather than being just a stock holding production system.
The system has now been in place for over two years and managing director Steve Bussey believes it has been a key component in the company’s drive to improve efficiency across its manufacturing processes.
He said: “ProgressPlus is invaluable to our business and has given us the tools necessary to move forward and expand the company.”

“We can now monitor progress of the work more efficiently and the system gives us tighter control across all of our processes.”
“The helpline and technical support is also excellent and any problems can be solved remotely.”
Berkeley Myles managing director Tony MacBride said: “We have developed long-standing partnerships with a number of GTMA members and have support them throughout their respective development programmes by helping them drive efficiency and meet compliance with industry quality standards.”

“At a time when the manufacturing industry is reported to be entering a recession, businesses are recognising that it is the most efficient and lean companies who will survive the current economic conditions.”
“More and more companies throughout the manufacturing industry are now adopting our ProgressPlus software and recognising that it can play a significant part in helping them to achieve the necessary efficiency gains and pass stringent quality audits by prospective clients.”

“We have experienced significant growth in the past year as a result of this demand and our teams will continue to be across the country showing why ProgressPlus is the only true option for companies serious about improving their production control.”

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